How Touch Influences Tone

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How Touch Influences Tone by Mind Map: How Touch Influences Tone

1. Picking with fingers

1.1. Fingernails

1.1.1. Maintenance

1.1.2. Tone (harsher) When applicable? (e.g. John Butler)

1.2. Areas of finger to use & different tones produced by these areas

1.3. Hybrid Picking

1.3.1. Different sounds with pick vs fingers during hybrid picking, how to counteract this

1.3.2. Styles (Rock/fusion vs country)

1.4. Playing chords with different levels of attack per string (1 finger per string with right hand)

2. Right Hand

2.1. Pick

2.1.1. Thickness/material/type V-picks etc

2.1.2. Technique Amount of pick used (how much is coming out of hand) Raking strings Attack used on each string raked (muted strings vs note(

2.2. Attack

2.2.1. Volume

2.2.2. Increase in "bite" Amount of treble

2.2.3. How attack affects overdrive Tube amps vs solid state Effect of volume on gain Effect of treble on gain

3. Left Hand

3.1. Bending

3.1.1. Speed of bend

3.2. Hammers/Pull Offs

3.2.1. Amount of attack used from left hand

3.3. Sliding

3.3.1. Speed of slide

3.3.2. Sliding after picking vs before/during

3.4. Vibrato

3.4.1. Circular vs up/down

3.4.2. Speed

3.4.3. Amount of pitch shift

3.4.4. Point in time during a note that it is added

3.5. Pressure on string

3.5.1. Releasing pressure at different times Note length/staccato

4. Counterargument

4.1. Other factors affecting tone

4.1.1. Guitar Pickups Scale length Wood

4.1.2. Amplifier Pre-amp Speaker

4.1.3. Pedals Gain Modulation Reverb/Delay