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Slums by Mind Map: Slums

1. Problems

1.1. Insecure

1.1.1. People living in slums live in shelters constructed from whatever materials they can find, normally sheets of plastic or aluminum. Conditions are crowded, dangerous, and insecure. Over 1 billion people worldwide live in slums in these conditions.

1.2. Cramped

1.3. Made of cheap materials

1.4. Sometimes drains overflow with water and waste gets into houses spreading sickness.

1.5. Kevin describes Mumbai as two cities.

1.6. These slums have a strong sense of community.

2. Why are slums dirty?

2.1. Since there is hardly no police in most slums, littering is very common this can result in this.

2.2. Also latrines can be an issue because the slum dwellers sometimes can't afford to buy toilets. So people sometimes people are forces to do their "business" on the roads.

2.2.1. India in sanitation scale.

2.3. Also to help the littering there are also trash pickers that help to clean the city but, the city dumps more rubbish than trash pickers can collect.

3. Work

3.1. Trash Pickers

3.1.1. These people earn two dollars a day.

3.1.2. Collect worthless things

3.1.3. Plastic bags

3.1.4. Metal is a luxury

3.2. Dump Pickers

3.3. Recyclers

3.3.1. These recyclers work non stop in hot and humid environments. Injuries are common and wounds can lead to infection in these poor condition.

3.3.2. 80% of Mumbai's plastic is recycled in this place.

3.3.3. There are medical syringes on the ground in the recycling depot.

3.3.4. recycling depot

3.3.5. They work 18 hours a day.

4. Is there a pattern to the wealth and health of a person?

4.1. If we use gap minder to find the answer to this question we can see that the pattern is that the poorer some person is the less life expectancy they have. But there are some anomalies as for example North Korea that has only 1390$ in Income per capita and 72.1 years of Life expectancy. This is easily explainable because North Korea is a communist country and being communist means you own nothing and the government owns everything. This is an anomaly because the trend is that the richer a person is the higher life expectancy they have.

4.1.1. This a graph to show the effect of wealth on the life expectancy world countries.