The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. The life and teachings of Jesus:

1.1. Jesus of Nazareth

1.1.1. Sometime around 6 to 4 B.C. a jew named Jesus was born. At the age of 30, he began his public ministry. For the next three years he preached, taught, and reportedly performed miracles.

1.2. A growing movement

1.2.1. The main source of information about his teachings are the gosples. The first four books of the new testament.

1.3. Jesus's Death

1.3.1. After Jesus's death his body was placed in a tomb, three days later his body was gone, and began appearing to his follwers.

2. Christianity spreads through the Empire:

2.1. Paul's mission

2.1.1. Paul was a man who reportedly had a vision of Jesus and spent the rest of his life spreading Jesus's teachings.

2.2. Jewish Rebellion

2.2.1. In A.D. 70 the romans stormed Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. The Jews made another attempt to break free of the Romans in A.D 132

2.3. The Persecution of the Romans

2.3.1. The Christians refused to worship roman gods, and posed a problem for the Roman rulers. Thousands were killed,burned, or crucified by wild animals.

3. A World Religion

3.1. Constantine Accepts Christianty

3.1.1. A Roman Emperor Constantine used the cross on his troops sheilds. And credited his sucess to the Christain god.

3.2. Early Christian Church

3.2.1. Peter became the first bishop in Jerusalem. Jesus referred Peter as the rock on which the christian church would be built.

3.3. A single voice

3.3.1. Chrisitainty grew, disagreements about beleifs develloped among followers.

3.4. The fathers of the church

3.4.1. Augstine became a bishop of the city of Hippo he taught humans needed the grace of god to be saved.