Rise of Christianity

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Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: Rise of Christianity

1. Judea was captured by Rome around A.D 6.

1.1. After, Jews believed that a savior, also known as a Messiah, would come and set them free.

1.1.1. They later rebelled from Roman power, which would fail and lead to many Jew deaths. This would later be called Diaspora

2. Somewhere around 6-4 B.C a Jew named Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea.

2.1. In his life, Jesus preached the belief of only one god and principles of the ten commandments.

2.2. He performed miracles in which his twelve apostles recorded his work, which lead to the bible.

2.3. As he fame grew, Roman and Jewish leaders started to get concerned.

2.3.1. This lead to the chief priest of jews claiming that Jesus' teachings were blasphemy.

2.3.2. Roman governor accused Jesus of defying Rome. Jesus was sentenced to death and was to be crucified. Three days later, Jesus popped out of his grave and was a zombie-jesus

3. Paul had an enormous influence on the rise of Christianity.

3.1. He went around preaching of Christianity, its beliefs, and Jesus' goodwill.

4. Christianity became a powerful force. Because it embraced all people, gave hope to the powerless, offered a loving relationship from a god, and promised a nice life after death.