Immigration in the United States

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Immigration in the United States by Mind Map: Immigration in the United States

1. Complexity

1.1. Immigrants are the foundation of America

1.1.1. ???

1.2. Unique and great nation

2. Fear

2.1. Too many migrants cause losing of American people's way of life

2.1.1. Belief that America is the greatest country of the world

3. Illegal migrants from Mexico

3.1. Impossibility of being fully accepted as an American

3.1.1. People should be more educated about immigration

4. Stereotypes about Mexico

4.1. Danger everywhere

4.2. Drug cartels

4.3. Murders that never happened

5. Positive experience index score

5.1. 76 in Mexico

5.2. 79 in the US

6. Situation in the United States

6.1. Mass shootings

6.1.1. in movie theaters

6.1.2. in schools

6.1.3. even in churches

7. What to do?

7.1. Change the way of viewing immigration

7.2. Start to embrace the immigrants who are already in the country and the coming ones