What is "energy security"?

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What is "energy security"? by Mind Map: What is "energy security"?

1. Specific systems

1.1. End-use sectors

1.1.1. Diversity of PES in the sector

1.2. National electricity system

1.2.1. Diversity of PES for

1.3. National primary energy resources mix (PES)

1.3.1. Hydro Diversity of dams

1.3.2. Nuclear fuel cycle Geographic concentration of enrichment facilities,power plant component manufacturing

1.3.3. Globally traded fuels Global reserves and resources

1.3.4. Domestic fuels Domestic reserves and resources

2. Warm ability

2.1. Sovereignty

2.1.1. Who controls energy?

2.2. Robustness

2.2.1. How long will energy system last?

2.3. Resilience

2.3.1. How fast can the system respond to disruption and then recover?