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Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: Rise of Christianity
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Rise of Christianity

The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Jesus' Message

At 30, Jesus began to teach, do good works, and reportedly performed miracles

He emphasized God's personal relationship to each human being

Jesus' Death

Jews and Romans thought he was a threat to their kingdom

He was crucified, and then laid into a tomb. According to gospels, he rose three days later

Jews Come Under Roman Rule


Herod was a Romanized Jew. When he died, Jews revolted.

To restore Judea, Romans gave control of religion to the Sanhedrin

A World Religion

Early Christian Church

Early Churches were establised in the hierarchy. The Preist lead each small church, and Bishops lead several churches

Constantine Accepts Christianity

In 313 A.D., Constantine announced an end to the persecutions of Christians

Discord and Harmony

New Testament was written to teach all accepted beliefs

The fathers of the Church

Bishop Augustine taught that people needed the grace of God, and he gave it freely

Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

Paul's Mission

Paul was an apostle

Enormous influence on Christianity's development

Jewish Rebellion

In 70 A.D., Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem

Persecution of the Christians

Christians refused to worship Roman gods

Christians were used as scapegoats by the Romans

By third century A.D., there were millions of Christians in the Roman Empire