programing lenguages

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programing lenguages by Mind Map: programing lenguages

1. PYTHON: Python is, or can be used as the scripting language in these software products: Abaqus (Finite Element Software) ADvantage Framework. Amarok. ArcGIS, a prominent GIS platform, allows extensive modelling using Python.

2. c# is a programming language. The following is a list of software programmed in it: Banshee, an open-source media player. Colectica, a suite of programs to manage official statistics and statistical surveys Docky, an open-source dock program for Unix-like operating systems such as Linux. FlashDevelop, an integrated development environment (IDE) for development of Adobe Flash websites, web applications and desktop applications

3. JAVA: Some Java applications that you can install and play with on your own desktop machine: Eclipse. NetBeans. jEdit.

4. SQL

5. JavaScript Histography, Filippo Bello, The St. Louis Browns

6. C++

7. Ruby on Rails

8. iOS/Swift Refined API Naming, Modern, Playgrounds and REPL in Xcode

9. PHP

10. perl