You Should Clone Your Dog!

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You Should Clone Your Dog! by Mind Map: You Should Clone Your Dog!

1. Because you don't know what has happened to that pet. So it could be the complete opposite of your original pet.

2. Yes there might be a chance that your pet won´t be the same, but wouldn´t you want to take a chance.Like if it didn´t work most of the time the why is it not banned or called illegal.

3. NPR´s Rob Stein interviewed Paula and Phillip about how it was when they cloned their Dog.

4. Cloning does not always clone your pet perfectly.

5. Why not adopt a pet from shelters.

6. Ease Grief of losing Dog.

6.1. The clones Helped Paula and Phillip with their loss.

7. Is a way to get your Dog back.

7.1. ¨Cloning is a way to keep my pet around.¨ Should you clone your pet? 28-29

8. Personalities are very similar so it may be like your Dog is there.

8.1. ¨Subtle differences notwithstanding, Ken and Henry ¨are so much like Melvin, it's unreal,¨ says Phillip Dupont.