It Is Ok To Sneak Food Into Movies

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It Is Ok To Sneak Food Into Movies by Mind Map: It Is Ok To Sneak Food Into Movies

1. Counter Argument: Breaking the law

1.1. Some foods are disturbing but a man bringing strawberries to the theater got him banned?! Maybe bringing strawberries to the movie is illegal but this man was a diabetic (Roberts).

2. R2 Better food

2.1. They might serve hot dogs and burgers but that does not mean they are good. The pattis may be burnt or bad bread for hot dogs.

3. R1 Cheaper

3.1. Popcorn price is raised by 900 percent

3.2. Every dollar you spend on candy and treats is about 85 cents in profit.

3.3. "Some candy, like m&m cost five dollars theaters when at corner stores is several dollars cheaper," (O’neil 16).

4. R3 Healthy food

4.1. "1,200: The number of calories in a medium bag of popcorn at Regal Cinemas, according to an independent lab analysis by Center for Science in the Public, and a whopping 60% of the day’s calories. And that’s before you add the buttery topping. Unfortunately, yes, other theater's popcorn buckets are just as bad," (Smith).