“Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?”

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“Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?” by Mind Map: “Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?”

1. Claim: Technology is killing our friendships.

2. 3. It creates some false friendships

2.1. Evidence:"Kids might mistake their "Friends"on their social media feeds for true friends. In tough times you don't need someone to like your picture or share your tweet. You need someone who will keep your secrets and hold your hand." (Tarshis 19)

3. Counter argument: Connecting with friends is easier and it brings friends closer. Squash: Connecting with friends isn’t as real and true as in real life, so your friendships could be fake, and when you find out what the person is truly saying, you will be crushed and upset. Cyber bullying is now the most common form of bullying, so why get on the internet and have a possible fake friend when you can have a real friend.

4. 1. It keeps us from fully knowing ourselves and others

4.1. Evidence: Social media puts up virtual walls. Most of the time, we don’t air our dirty laundry online for fear of what others might think. We only Instagram our best moments and tweet about the most extraordinary few minutes of our day. (Williams)

5. 2. It causes the feeling of loneliness.

5.1. Evidence: "We’ve become so obsessed with making sure the story we’re telling on social media looks exciting and beautiful and meaningful that we’ve failed to pay adequate attention to the stories other people are telling. It’s easy for us to be me-focused when social media forces us to play the part. How can we ever be a good friend when we have no room for another person in our carefully crafted lives?" ( Williams)