Revolutions of 1848

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Revolutions of 1848 by Mind Map: Revolutions of 1848

1. French Revolution of 1848

1.1. Napoleonic Wars (1789-1815)

1.1.1. Bourbon dynasty restored in France

1.1.2. King Louis Phillipe was installed in 1830 son of Phillipe, Duke of Orleans A Bourbon price who supported the revolution of 1879

1.2. Before 1848

1.2.1. bad weather conditions affected agricultural production food prices increased unemployment rises people became upset, stirring up political conflict elections were very exclusive many were upset about the limited suffrage and this missed opportunities of gaining wealth

1.3. 1848

1.3.1. January 14th authorities banned a liberal meeting and suppressed their right to assemble caused conflict in Paris National Guard was used to contain protests on Feb 22 number of deaths and injuries after soldiers fired directly into a crowd on Feb 23 protesters made barricades

1.3.2. French crown was passed on to Duchess of Orleans She caused change within the monarchy due to a new royal family and the Chamber had to accept

1.3.3. Chamber of Deputies selection of members by the opinion of an influential liberal reformist new Provisional Government

2. Italian Revolution 1848

2.1. Austrian dominance achieved after Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated

2.2. after 1815, Lombardy and Venetia were constituted as a Kingdom

2.2.1. Venice declined as Habsburg policies favored the rebirth of trade

2.2.2. a railway bridge constructed in 1846 linked Venice with the mainland

2.3. Grand Ducal thrones had smaller states

2.3.1. Moderna, Parma, Tuscany were all Habsburg territories

2.4. French Revolutionary Era

2.4.1. Naples had been under french control

2.4.2. under the sovereignty of Murat

2.4.3. Sicily was under British but operated under a liberal consitution

2.5. after 1815, Metternich wanted to construct an "Italian Federation"

2.6. 1830s there were breakouts in some territories of the Papal states

2.7. May 1831- Austria, Russia, France, Great Britain and Prussia joined to recommend reforms

2.7.1. wanted to produces civil and judicial administration that would be acceptable to the Papal States

3. The German Revolution 1848

3.1. by 1848- many empires, states and kingdoms were descended from the agreements of Congress of Vienna held in 1815

3.2. Outbreaks of revolution caused King Louis Phillippe to resign

3.3. The chief minister of Habsburg Monarchy was driven into exile

3.4. many rulers were faced with demands for change

3.5. North German kingdom of Prussia was ruled by an anti-liberal

3.5.1. wanted to raise taxes and state loans

3.6. conflict in 1848 spread to Berlin and many protests ended up fatal

3.7. the black, red, and gold colors were once thought of as revolutionary

3.7.1. associated with liberalism and nationalism in Germany

3.7.2. patriots opposed the German Confederal repression of liberalism

3.7.3. associated with the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation