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Learning by Mind Map: Learning

1. programming

1.1. python

1.2. javascript

2. algorithms

2.1. sorting

3. math

3.1. precalculus

3.2. calculus

4. unix

4.1. terminal

4.1.1. bash basic info bash is a unix shell. it is the basic shell on many linux distros, and there are versions of it available on both windows and mac os. the bash_profile (~/.bash_profile by default) is used to set default environment variables on load. commands that are automatically run are also set in the bash_profile basic commands man bash - check the bash manual vi - use the vim text editor commands basic file management general commands hotkeys tab - finish the current statement/list all available arguments/list all available options ctrl + w - delete the last word ctrl + u - delete the current line alt + b/f - move by word ctrl + a/e - move to start/end of current line ctrl + c - exit current operation

4.1.2. package managers pip npm apt-get yum

5. music

5.1. production

5.2. composition

5.3. dj

5.4. meta

6. finance

6.1. personal finance

6.2. investing

7. git