X-Culture & Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

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X-Culture & Bloom's Digital Taxonomy by Mind Map: X-Culture & Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

1. 1- Remember

1.1. Virtual group members receive weekly reminders directly sent to their emails

2. 2- Understand

2.1. Each group member in his/her own classroom receive from the instructor the topic of the lecture through power point slides or by discussing it in the classroom. Then students are asked to discuss and understand with other group members the concept covered relative to their X-Culture project . So basically they get to understand more the lesson when they come to discuss it with others.

3. 3- Apply

3.1. Students in this project apply all what they have been studying in the course Chapter by Chapter as the project asks them to prepare a complete Market study in the new market where the company wishes to expand their business. All discussions take place through different communication tools empowered by technology.

4. 4- Analyze

4.1. Since students are from all over the world and are working together on a real business; the only way for them to decide on their plan is through analyzing data collected and gathered online . Each company also presents a Webinar for the students to help them analyze the situation being studied better.

5. 5- Evaluate

5.1. Students are asked to evaluate their peers on weekly basis. Furthermore instructors are only asked to evaluate the final submission of the complete project. All instructors evaluate the paper following the same rubrics. So if my student from Saudi Arabia is with 5 other students from 5 different universities; the paper will be evaluated by 6 instructors including myself. Final grades include instructors and students evaluations. Submissions are weekly and students from the same group are each asked to submit the same agreed on text to make sure that all are working and are on track.

6. 6- Create

6.1. The final submission of the student is created and submitted online on the due date. Top reports are shared with the Business and further analyzed by the business stakeholders. Moreover, each semester the X-Culture selects 3 winners and Top instructors among more than 2000 participating students from more than 40 countries.