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Graphic designer by Mind Map: Graphic designer

1. Expereince

1.1. school

1.1.1. hardware

1.1.2. software

1.2. classwork

1.2.1. art direction

1.2.2. visual storytelling

1.2.3. technology of play

1.2.4. technology media trype typography logo creation program language visual communications animation software

1.2.5. art history

1.2.6. art theory

1.3. basics

1.3.1. college math

1.3.2. physical science

1.3.3. history

1.3.4. color theory

1.3.5. comprehensive writing editing identifying audience rhetoric

1.3.6. psychology

2. understanding

2.1. connect with customers

2.2. empathetic to needs

3. Target audience

3.1. Small business

3.1.1. fliers

3.1.2. letterhead

3.1.3. logo/branding

3.1.4. commercial production

3.2. Families

3.2.1. Archival help photo books video organization

3.2.2. photography manipulation repair old photos enhance photos

3.2.3. Logos for t shirt/family gatherings

3.2.4. blogging create a website and base for an individual message

3.2.5. Arts and craft venue create fliers and logos for a small time artist

3.3. TV and movie production

3.3.1. document creation for authenticity

3.3.2. CGI

3.3.3. VGD

3.4. Fashion and interior design

3.4.1. photograph clean up

3.4.2. color and light manipulation

4. Message: Hire me because...

5. What makes me different?

5.1. creative

5.1.1. hobbies whipmaking whip cracking dancing jewelry making glass slumping sculpture amirugumi clay drawing/painting

5.1.2. Writing blogging story writing product reviews

5.2. problem solver

5.2.1. how to fix?

5.2.2. how to accomplish?

5.2.3. how to make things better?

5.2.4. how to make things easier?

5.3. grasp of visual asthetic

5.3.1. putting outfits together

5.3.2. painting a room designing a room around a theme

5.4. funny

5.4.1. able to tell an interesting story

5.4.2. manipulates words to make a story good

5.5. witty

5.6. a good writer

5.6.1. blogger

5.6.2. review writer

6. My story

6.1. seeing a commercial that spoke to me

6.1.1. it made me laugh happier influenced others to be happy wrote a story blogged about it took action

6.1.2. It made me cry made me think about myself think about others made me want to change