Life Cycle Wishlist

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Life Cycle Wishlist by Mind Map: Life Cycle Wishlist

1. Insights

1.1. Perspective

1.1.1. Past Days Week Months Years

1.1.2. Current Days Weeks Months Years

1.1.3. Future Days Weeks Months Years

1.2. Visualization

1.2.1. Donut View Past Day Week Month Year Current Day Week Month Year Future Day Week Month Year

1.2.2. Insight Log Past Day Week Month Year Current Day Week Month Year Future Day Week Month Year

2. Donuts

2.1. Events

2.1.1. Past Days Weeks Months Years

2.1.2. Current Day Week Month Year

2.1.3. Prediction of future (this/next) Day Week Month Year

3. Trends

3.1. Activities

3.1.1. Bar Charts Activity Duration Day Week Month Year Activity Occations Day Week Month Year

3.1.2. Calendar View Activity dates

3.2. Locations

3.2.1. Map Circles on a map where the size of the circle indicates total time and/or number of occations Straight lines on a map where the strength of the line and/or a number indicates how much travel is being done between locations

4. Data

4.1. Macro

4.1.1. Steps

4.1.2. Screen Time

4.1.3. Body Metrics

4.1.4. Weather

4.2. Events

4.2.1. Basics Activity Location Time

4.2.2. Journal Notes Mood/Feelings Inspiration: Moodnotes Photos

4.2.3. Social People

5. Integrations

5.1. Facebook

5.1.1. People

5.1.2. Events

5.2. Apple Health

5.2.1. Sleep

5.2.2. Steps

5.2.3. Workouts Define activity type (yoga, gym, running etc) automatically based on data source app? Let the average user define the activity type after the first "import"? Let the individual user override automatic definition if required.

5.2.4. Mindfulness Minutes

5.2.5. Body Metrics Hearth rate Blood pressure Weight

5.2.6. Nutrition

5.3. Calendar

5.3.1. People

5.3.2. Location Automatically pick existing location? Facilitate definition of new location?

5.3.3. Subject and/or Notes Automate and/or facilitate activity type? Automate and/or facilitate journaling?

5.4. Screen Time

5.4.1. iPhone Limitations in Apples API? Inspiration: Realized Inspiration: Moment

5.4.2. Computer RescueTime integration? Calendar integration?

5.4.3. TV Apple TV app? Manual process?

6. Analytics

6.1. Social

6.1.1. Friends vs Myself Activities Time Locations

6.1.2. Society vs Myself Activities & Time Nearby City Country

6.1.3. Society in General Activities & Time Nearby City Country

6.2. Journaling

6.2.1. Mood/Feelings vs Activities

6.2.2. Mood/Feelings vs Locations

6.2.3. Mood/Feelings vs People

6.2.4. Mood/Feelings vs Habits

6.2.5. Moods/Feelings vs Screen Time

6.3. Sleep

6.3.1. Sleep Quality vs Activities

6.3.2. Sleep Quality vs Locations

6.3.3. Sleep Quality vs Habits

6.3.4. Sleep Quality vs Screen Time

6.4. Screen Time

6.4.1. Screen Time vs Activities

6.4.2. Screen Time vs Locations

6.4.3. Screen Time vs Moods/Feelings

6.4.4. Screen Time vs Sleep Quality

7. General suggestions

7.1. Multi-activity events

7.1.1. Work & Dinner/Lunch

7.1.2. Work & Reading

7.1.3. Work & Travel

7.1.4. Lunch/Dinner & Friends/Family

7.1.5. Home & Friends/Family

7.2. Widget

7.2.1. Current Event Start Time Duration Activity Location

7.2.2. Current Insight

7.3. Additional out-of-the-box activities

7.3.1. Will make it possible to provide more relevant individual trends and insights

7.3.2. Will make it possible to provide more relevant social trends and insights

7.4. Journaling timeline

7.4.1. A way to browse through all notes for a specific activity type without to much manual interaction to reach each note

7.4.2. Will be even more relevant if photos connected to each even will be supported

7.5. Security

7.5.1. Client Password and/or Touch ID for access Encryption of database?

7.5.2. Server Security certification? Encryption of cloud backup?

7.6. Major annoyances

7.6.1. UX Vertically and horizontally unbalanced header text and buttons in donut view Time-consuming process to manually add new events Better prediction/intelligence? More visuals (colors/icons) less text? More tapping, less scrolling? Really bad UX experience when adding event notes To much scrolling Insufficient overview Overview of activities under settings Add user-selected colors under icons? Limited range of icons Too much scrolling and searching to find non-frequent activities under trends

7.6.2. Slow and inaccurate localization Inability to differentiate between close locations (approximately 300 meters) Inability to find any visits/events shorter than 20 minutes

7.6.3. Uninsightful Home/Work events Home Total time irrelevant due to frequent manual additions of sub-events Work A lot of time is spent at work but the current trend view does not provide much value, details or insights

8. Quantified Self Portfolio

8.1. Sleep Cycle

8.2. Life Cycle

8.3. Habit Cycle

8.3.1. Habits Typically (but not always) quick to complete and/or completely time independant Typically (but not always) location independent Typically (but not always) recurring on specific days and times Typically (but not always) comes with an ambition to be executed a specific number of times within specific time period

8.3.2. Integrations Life Cycle Inbound: Automatically track habits based on event data Outbound: Automatically provide habit data for analytics together with event data Sleep Cycle Inbound: Automatically track sleep goals based on sleep data Outbound: Automatically provide sleep notes of habit character

8.3.3. Inspiration (iOS apps) Balanced from Jaidev Soin Productive from Jaidev Soin