Training Material Updates project plan

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Training Material Updates project plan by Mind Map: Training Material Updates project plan

1. Assessments

1.1. Review PMP and PDPs

1.2. L&D Networks

1.3. Focus Groups

1.4. Google Surveys

2. Communication

2.1. What we have

2.2. New forms of Communication

2.3. L&D Network

2.3.1. Broaden audience

2.3.2. Seek back ups for existing members in case of turn over

2.4. Not just to supervisors

3. Competency Based

3.1. PMPs

3.1.1. Look at how the competencies, goals and PDPs correspond to training's we can provide or find

3.2. Smart Goals

3.2.1. Assess training needs for goals

3.2.2. Compare with PDPs

3.3. PDPs

3.3.1. Review report after PMPs

3.3.2. Investigate outside classes needed

3.3.3. Narrow down categories PDP training needed in CDHS

4. Updates

4.1. Latest and greatest

4.2. New in the workplace

4.3. Standards across the nation

4.4. Live and online

4.4.1. Newest and Job related

4.4.2. Find newest trends

5. Coaches Guides

5.1. Each class has a leaders guide knowing what their employees did in class.

5.2. Leaders work with employees towards 70-20 part of learning