Dîner en Blanc

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Dîner en Blanc by Mind Map: Dîner en Blanc

1. Cultural Anthropology

1.1. We presume individuals that have an interest culture will attend.

1.2. We assume a variety of cultures will take part in this event.

2. Sociology

2.1. We presume couples will be common participants in this event.

2.2. We assume social individuals will be more likely to attend.

3. Psychology

3.1. We presume the unique and exclusive theme of this event will attract guests.

3.2. We assume those attending will have more expendable income.


4.1. - Original Parisian Picnic - Orchestrated outdoor picnic with live music, entertainment and dancing at a secret location.

5. Global Event

5.1. Europe

5.2. Pacific

5.3. Asia

5.4. America

5.5. Africa


6.1. Cultural / Elegant / Tradition / Exclusive

6.2. "The bringing together of people."

6.3. Dress Code: White Formal Wear

7. Targeted Audience

7.1. Wealthy / Upper Class

7.2. Couples / Social Individuals

7.3. Culturally Aware

7.4. Sophisticated / Mature

7.5. Auckland Residents


8.1. To attend this event one must apply to be placed on a waiting list.

8.2. Price: $120 +