Starting a project

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Starting a project by Mind Map: Starting a project

1. Goals

1.1. What is we want to achieve?

1.2. When do we want to achieve it?

1.3. What are our specific aims?

1.4. Why are these goals essential to the project?

2. Scope

2.1. How will things be different if the project is successfully completed?

2.2. Is there a clear need and can it be quantified ?

2.3. Who will benefit, how will they benefit and what will they gain?

2.4. Do the beneficiaries agree about the need and the proposed solution?

2.5. Is the project to identify that need and/or that solution?

2.6. How will they react to that solution?

2.7. What are the alternatives?

2.8. Are those alternatives more or less acceptable (satisfactory)?

2.9. Is it a learning project?

2.10. How important is the project in comparison to other projects

2.11. How important is this project to you?

2.12. What is it worth to you or to others to have the need satisfied?

3. Objectives

3.1. We need to define specific measurable objectives from our broad aims. These objectives will tell us if we have met our goals and to what standard.

3.2. Key Success Criteria

3.2.1. These are the objectives that, if all else fails, we must meet and/or those that we must meet for the project to be deemed successful even if other objectives are met and achieved.

3.3. Deliverables

3.3.1. The fundamental objective of a project is to deliver something new.

4. Purpose

4.1. What is the project about in broad terms?

4.2. Who wants it done and why?

4.3. What is the title?

5. Constraints

5.1. Time

5.1.1. Resource Days

5.2. Resources

5.2.1. People employment costs costs to the service provision they normally perform cost of substitution to maintain the service loss of opportunity for them to work on other projects cost of training associated with the project work

5.2.2. Equipment

5.2.3. Money

5.3. Performance Criteria

5.3.1. things the project will deliver and to what quality standard they will be delivered

6. Risk Management

6.1. anything that will have a negative impact on any one or all of the primary project constraints