Science Review

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Science Review by Mind Map: Science Review

1. Advanced Topics

1.1. Chemistry

1.1.1. Acids & Bases

2. Physical Science

2.1. Special properties of water

2.2. Motion

2.2.1. Calculations Inverse Square Relationships Gravitational Feild Strength Electric Field STrength Light intesity Sound Intensity Radiation SOurce Strength Vectors & Tensors Calculus

2.2.2. Feilds

2.2.3. Doppler Shift

2.2.4. Mechanics

2.2.5. Energy

2.3. Graphing

2.3.1. Graphs Motion Laws d-t Graphs v-t Graphs a-t Graphs

2.3.2. Kinematics

2.4. Thermodynamics

2.5. Waves

3. Earth and space

3.1. Rock Cycle & Plate Boundaries

3.1.1. Layers of Earth

3.1.2. Types of Boundaries DIvergent Convergent Transforn

4. Life Science