Understanding the impact of emerging technologies on learning.

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Understanding the impact of emerging technologies on learning. by Mind Map: Understanding the impact of emerging technologies on learning.

1. What might I do differently

1.1. Hold fundraisers to collect money to buy new technologies for the school.

1.2. Always remain update on the latest technologies (software and physical).

1.3. Educate parents on the use of Google Classroom and a classroom website.

1.4. Be more paitent when students have issues with new technolgoies...offer workshops to better educate them on the proper use of the technology

1.5. Keep in mind that technology can be a distraction...have back up options.

1.6. Not assume all students have access to technology outside of the classroom.

2. Relation to teaching

2.1. New technologies such as augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, LCD projected touch boards are more and more readily available.

2.2. New technologies can provide teachers and students new hands-on approaches to learning, as well as being relevant in our 21st century world

2.3. Allows for more experimenting in pedagogy.

2.4. Learning is more engaging.

2.5. Students have instant access to information.

3. What did I learn?

3.1. Today our approach to learning is outdated.

3.2. The use of technology in the classroom is not consistent.

3.3. Not every classroom has the luxury of a interactive whiteboard, or multiple laptops/tablets.

3.4. Moving into this expectation I was interested in learning about what new technologies were on the horizon? What technologies could one day be used in my own classroom? I am always eager to make learning as relevant as possible, and the best way to do that, in my opinion, is through the incorporation of technologies in the classroom.

3.5. Technologies allow students to be and remain more engaged in learning.

3.6. Promote inquiry base learning.

3.7. There is an endless amount of resources for enhancing education.

3.8. Technology can serve as a distraction to learning.

4. Questions?

4.1. Is there a sustainable and economically friendly model to allow all students to have a tablet/laptop?

4.2. Will there be a movement towards private schools, as the need for incorporation of technology in the classroom becomes more and more evident?

4.3. When should technology be used in the place of traditional teaching tools?

5. What I want to see happen

5.1. One day all classrooms will be for the most part paper-less

5.2. Follow a teaching method comparable to the Samsung Classroom

5.3. Students have more access to technologies outside of school.