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Ratio by Mind Map: Ratio

1. Miltary

1.1. Male to Female

1.1.1. Never one on one

1.1.2. Can be a limiting factor

1.2. Combat sorties to maintenance hours

1.2.1. A-10 Warthog Easy maintenance

1.2.2. F-22 Raptor Incredibly high maintenace Incredibly difficult maintenance Incredibly unhealthy maintenance

1.2.3. F-35 Lightening High maintenance

1.2.4. F-15 Eagle Easy maintenance Lots of maintenance

1.3. Heat/Cold limitations

1.3.1. Tyndall AFB, Florida

1.3.2. Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

2. Balance

2.1. Leisure activities

2.1.1. Hike

2.1.2. Netflix

2.1.3. Hulu

2.1.4. Sleep some more!

2.2. Resposibilities

2.2.1. Home Chores

2.2.2. Wife Dates Conversations Family time

2.2.3. Kid Family time physical activity Rules/responsibilities

2.2.4. Pets Feed/water walk Vet Medicine

2.2.5. Finances Bills tuition

3. Rest

3.1. How long to rest between sets

3.2. How long to rest between sprints

3.2.1. Walking between

3.2.2. jogging between

3.2.3. jog curves

3.2.4. step off treadmill

3.3. Sleep

3.3.1. Naps mid day

3.3.2. Actual REM sleep

3.3.3. Wake up time

3.4. Recovery

3.4.1. Appropriate days off

3.4.2. Rest muscle groups 48 hrs min

3.4.3. Supplementation Amino Acids Leafy greens

4. Work

4.1. how long to perform a certain exercise

4.2. how long to run at a certain intensity

4.3. how long to maintain a certain Heart Rate

4.4. how long to hold an isometric position

4.5. how much time is spent working

4.5.1. Job related work

4.5.2. Training related work

5. School

5.1. Homework to classwork

5.2. Class realavance

5.3. general interest

5.4. What can I take away

5.5. How much time/effort will I spend

6. Training

6.1. High importance to me

6.2. How much time can I afford to spend training

6.3. How much training time can I afford to miss

6.4. What is the cost associated with training

6.5. What is the reward

6.6. What would happen if i could not train