Authentic Business Framework by George Kao

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Authentic Business Framework by George Kao by Mind Map: Authentic Business Framework by George Kao

1. Why Authentic Business?

1.1. Online Launches are often disingenuous. There's a better way.

1.2. Most business training is motivating us at an unethical level

1.3. Marketing can be benevolent, using the Farming instead of Hunting analogy.

1.4. Business gurus want us to trust their authority rather than our inner authority -- which is needed to create authentic businesses.

1.5. Marketing language such as "funnels/pipelines" are unnecessary and form harmful relationships. Use uplifting terms and frameworks.

1.6. The way Email Lists are built, often create illusory audiences. Be honest, provide value, and build a real loyal audience.

2. Content

2.1. Stage 1 Content

2.2. Stage 2 Content

2.3. Stage 3 Content

2.4. FB Ads

3. Connections

3.1. Clarify your VIP's (up to 150)

3.2. Rhythm of KIT

3.2.1. Social Media Caring ~daily

3.2.2. Intuitive check in (weekly 30m)

3.3. Rhythm of JV's

4. Enrollment

4.1. Product & Marketing Pathways

4.1.1. Product Pathways Do you offer more than just one option? Perhaps a lower price product, medium price group, and a higher price service? At what rates or prices?

4.1.2. Marketing Pathways Why Marketing Pathways? The market is like a river of cash that is roaring and abundant... more so today than it was a year ago... and that was more abundant than 10 years ago... why don't we go to the river of cash and put our ladle in? Instead, many people are digging a small hole in the valley because they haven't connected their passions to what the market wants. Let's go to the river instead. Describe the possible sequence of events, or contacts with you, that lead them to find then buy from you. What are some ways for you to gain contact with them? What do you know about how they find and interact with service providers like you? Test out various buying pathways… and a pathway that works one year may not another year… keep experimenting.

4.2. Launch Plans

4.2.1. Marketing Checklist

4.3. Feedback & Testimonials

4.3.1. Service Improvement Retention or Referrals

4.3.2. Facility Craft Care Every 3-12 months, ask your clients / students -- is there anything I can add to my services / group that would make this even better for you? Think about the other providers you're interested in... how might I emulate some aspect of their service? What part of my service isn't as useful and can be eliminated? Delight Deliberate Practice

5. Optimizing

5.1. Interviews

5.1.1. Niche Interviews See Page 2 of the Optimizing Offerings Template

5.1.2. Website Interviews

5.1.3. Colleague Interviews re: your authentic brand

5.2. Website

5.2.1. Mobile Testing

5.2.2. Split Testing Google Optimize Basic FB Ad split testing For FB Ad budgets of several hundred a month:

5.3. Financial

5.3.1. Pricing

5.3.2. Expenses

6. Healthy Money

6.1. Pricing

6.2. Rhythm of money review (income, expenses, goals)

6.3. Creating buffers / extra savings accounts as needed

7. Service Improvement

7.1. Session review (to keep improving how effective you are during client sessions)

7.2. Niche Mate review -- Compare notes with niche mates to see what's working for them and see how you might improve your own services

7.2.1. Talk with them about various Client Touchpoints

7.3. Getting feedback from clients, and testimonials

8. Productivity

8.1. Authentic Planning System

8.1.1. Check out the system here:

8.1.2. Revisit your calendar regularly to remind yourself of your priorities (assuming you've calendared them in) If you're a P on myers-briggs, then think of your calendar as being more fluid, but have priorities written down for the day that you keep revisiting. Imagine if you had a deadline, you would meet it. Give yourself these "lifelines".

8.2. Big Rocks & Sand

8.2.1. Elimination

8.2.2. Automation

8.2.3. Outsourcing

8.2.4. Impact

8.3. Joyful Working

8.3.1. Motivational Methods

8.3.2. Overcoming Procrastination Spiritual grounding to remove fear of failure

8.3.3. Energy Recovery

8.4. George Kao's Articles on Joyful Productivity

9. Overarching Principles

9.1. Playful experimentation

9.1.1. Experiment as quickly as you can Define assumptions you haven't tested. Design a small test for them.

9.1.2. Continuously experiment & improve

9.2. Focus on Your Strengths

9.2.1. Experiment with different things

9.2.2. Integrate Trends with Strengths

9.2.3. Notice what you love doing

9.2.4. Notice what others resonate with

9.2.5. Serve whom you can best serve; let the rest go onto others.

9.2.6. Limit your focus to that which you can make biggest difference

9.3. Align Inner & Outer

9.3.1. Honesty is the best policy.

9.3.2. Be as caring as you can.

9.3.3. Your Stance For your ideal clients, what transformation are you passionately standing for? Connect with that, before you do your enrollment activities. Be fully expressive, in the ways that align with you, in a spirit of service.

9.3.4. Embody your values