Alvin's Teenage Years

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Alvin's Teenage Years by Mind Map: Alvin's Teenage Years

1. Poor grades affects self esteem and results in anti social behavior in school

2. Behaviour Changes

3. Physical Changes


5. AGE 9

6. AGE 12

7. Testicular/penile growth

8. Voice changes and become deeper

9. Signs of Pubic hair appears

10. Nocturnal emissions & growth spurt

11. Family Photo

12. Starts showing attraction for boys

13. AGE 14

14. Beginning to portray rebellious behavior to parents

15. AGE 12

16. starts to identify myself with peers around my age and starts to separate from parents

17. begin to actively participate in school extra curriculum activities like sports and music

18. AGE 15

19. Calves and Quadriceps muscles developed quickly as I took an interest in track & field and jogging

20. AGE 15

21. First realization of own sexuality and become aware of my disinterest when girls started asking me for dates

22. Started develop a desire to be popular in school and to be included in activities

23. Neglected studies due to excessive extra curriculum activities and lack of discipline

24. AGE 16 -18

25. started finding comfort in computer games and become addicted

26. Lack of communication with family

27. AGE 19 - 21

28. National Service years filled with emotional stress of trying to fit in and finding a sense of purpose in life.

29. Father was ill and passed away when I was 17 years old, had issues reconciling with past emotions and was unable to make peace, resulting in further stress and conflict with family.

30. AGE 19

31. Started gaining muscles and getting body tone due to national service