Glow in the mathematics classroom

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Glow in the mathematics classroom by Mind Map: Glow in the mathematics classroom

1. Glow Lite Screen

2. Glow Learn

2.1. Structured courses

2.1.1. Adding national resources to your course

2.2. Accessing Local and National viewing

2.3. Search facilities for tags - e's and o's.

2.4. Maths games tagged in folder

2.5. Tracking marks and courses

3. Communications/Collaborations

3.1. Glow Blogs

3.1.1. Allows embedding of video

3.1.2. Either/or

3.2. Glow Chat

3.2.1. Hermitage Academy Higher Maths

3.2.2. Similar to Skype chat from last years computing

3.2.3. Chat transcripts can be used as evidence of pupil evidence

3.3. Glow Wikis

3.3.1. Revision sites Adding resources Adding of mp4 videos No file limit

3.3.2. Pupil contributions

3.3.3. Sharing space

3.3.4. Mindtouch equation editor

3.4. Glow Forums

3.4.1. Formative Assessment Questioning

3.4.2. Very flexible

3.4.3. Polls can be added

3.4.4. James Young High School, Livingston

3.4.5. Replies and views - data collection

3.5. Glow Meet

3.5.1. New Adobe system being started

4. Sharing Resources

5. Assessment

5.1. Evaluation

5.1.1. Surveys Formative Summative

6. Homework returns

6.1. Custom list