Copy of Eltako marketing

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Copy of Eltako marketing by Mind Map: Copy of Eltako marketing

1. Energy Harvesting

2. Flexibility like no one else (Lego)

3. `Private residences smart home, dimming system includes stereo, curtains, Aircon, gates

4. The First TRDI Dimmer in the world (True Dim, dims every dimmable LED without a flicker)

5. Building Automation fully modular

6. `Dimming System

7. Get the function you want when you want, expand anytime without a hassle and without extra wiring

8. Hotel dimming System, guest management, building management with metering, occupancy safety, uses 1/10 of the electricity of comparable systems

9. Commercial like offices or buildings , lighting, dimming, aircon, consumption - smart metering, open windows and doors reporting, energy saving, most energy efficient devices in industry

10. INDUSTRIAL - central switching, energy control, monitoring, peak demand, switching off of consumers when consumption limits are past, smart metering: AND most energy efficient devices in the industry

11. Modular

12. TRDI

13. Minimal electricity consumption

14. No electro smog

15. Communication with all other system (BACnet, KNX....

16. Wired, RF, Powerline communication can freely exchange data and communicate without need for system integrator

17. Stand alone installation can be freely mixed with bus-based installation - thus giving a project the choice to choose the best communication pathway and easiest / cheapest installation

18. Freedom of choice - not tied up to one system, switch design...

19. Freedom of choice Technical

20. Freedom of choice Aesthetics

21. Choose the look of switch you like, from any producer worldwide - make your home look the way you like and not the way a dimming system dictates

22. Sensors non wired, saves retro-wiring and money at installation

23. Window & door contacts non-wired

24. Keycard reader - non wired

25. Occupancy, brightness and Carbondioxid sensors - non-wired

26. Wind, rain, temperature sensors - non wired

27. Water-leakage sensor to switch off water supply in case of accident - non wired

28. Smart Building, Smart Home