Tactics of digital marketing

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Tactics of digital marketing by Mind Map: Tactics of digital marketing

1. Email marketing

1.1. Create templates and start email marketing

1.2. Attract customers through your mail

1.3. Process of email marketing 1)INFORM 2) PERSUADE 3) REMIND

2. Online video marketing

2.1. Upload videos on youtube

3. Social media marketing

3.1. Update your all social media sites

3.2. Update your blogs on all social media sites

4. Mobile marketing

4.1. Mobile marketing is very beneficial for increase awareness

4.2. Placing ads

4.3. Mobile search

5. Slide share

5.1. Create a powerpoint presentation and share on slideshare

5.2. Expand your company's presense

5.3. The option for lead generation

5.4. For example- 10 benefits of digital marketing,7 best way of lead generation

6. Follow up

6.1. Follow you previous customers and prospects

7. Join many association

7.1. Join many groups on all social media sites

7.2. Start conversation in groups

7.3. Give response on other group member's activity

7.4. Observe your group member's interest