Visible Learning for Teachers

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Visible Learning for Teachers by Mind Map: Visible Learning for Teachers

1. Chapter 2

1.1. Improve level of interaction between teachers and students

1.2. Appropriate mind frame matters most

1.3. Safe environment for learners to experiment

1.4. Practice deliberately to over-learn

2. Chapter 1

2.1. Students learn to become their own teachers

2.2. Learning at the forefront

2.2.1. Teaching in regards to learning

2.3. Everything works

2.3.1. Set the bar higher than zero

2.4. Teaching is practice, not science

2.4.1. Be adaptable

2.4.2. No direct path to success

3. Chapter 3

3.1. Teacher mindset of understanding his or her impact on learning

3.2. Expert teachers express subject in an effective manner

3.3. Expert teachers create an environment that promotes trust

3.4. Expert teachers constantly seek and provide feedback

3.5. Expert teachers believe in students and themselves

3.6. Expert teachers challenge and engage with students