laboratory prepartion of HCL

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laboratory prepartion of HCL by Mind Map: laboratory prepartion of HCL

1. purpose ,observation and reason

2. Reaction and reactants

3. condition and purification . name drying agent and y

4. collection and identification . y it is dont collect over water

5. precation and y it should be below 200

6. funnel arrangement

7. fountain experiment y we should do this exp


8.1. combustibity ,thermal dissociation and metal

8.2. hydrochloric acid how it form

8.3. b/w hcl gas and hcl acid

8.4. chemical properties hcl acid

8.4.1. action of metal

8.4.2. action on oxides and hydroxides

8.4.3. with co3 and hco3

8.4.4. with sulphite and hydrogen sulphites

8.4.5. with sulphid (s)

8.4.6. thiosulphate (S2O3) observation

8.4.7. reaction with nitrates reactants of nitrates

8.5. reaction with silver nitrate solution

8.5.1. step 1 and obv

8.5.2. step 2 and obv

8.5.3. which liberate as a fine black power

8.6. oxidation of hcl acid reactants ,, obv

8.7. formation of aqua region

8.8. test for hcl

8.8.1. smell

8.8.2. with ammonim hydroxide

8.8.3. with silver nitrate solution