Storyboard for Taylored Events

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Storyboard for Taylored Events by Mind Map: Storyboard for Taylored Events

1. Create a video that graps attention

1.1. Add motivation audio

1.1.1. Your time to Shine - PowToon Audio Library

1.2. Use exciting images

1.2.1. Firework Image - PowToon Image Gallery

2. Tell a quick informative story

2.1. What, How, When to plan their perfect event

2.1.1. Slides and informative slide for this

2.2. State Taylored Event's purpose statement

2.2.1. Slide

2.3. Explain how I plan events

2.3.1. according to exactly how my customer wants their event to happen

3. Strike Emotion

3.1. Talk about how they have 'dreamed of the perfect night all about them"

3.2. When family and friends gather all for you

3.3. The event that will create picture perfect memories you will remember forever

4. Inspire

4.1. Through vibrant slides and pumped up music

4.2. Pictures of lights and fun things that can be going on at your event

4.2.1. Balloons, fireworks, sparklers

5. Reference Page

5.1. A slide or page in the video that states where I received certain media I used in my video animation