Solve et Coagula

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Solve et Coagula by Mind Map: Solve et Coagula

1. The Three Primes

1.1. Mercury/Sprit

1.2. Sulfur/Soul

1.3. Salt/Body

1.4. When mercury and sulfur comes together they create a salt. Or when the male and female are one they make a hermaphrodite.

2. The Four Aspects

2.1. Fire

2.1.1. Plasma

2.1.2. Will

2.1.3. Life Force

2.1.4. Thinking

2.2. Water

2.2.1. Liquid

2.2.2. Emotion

2.2.3. Can go from one to another when not in control

2.2.4. Feeling

2.3. Earth

2.3.1. Solid

2.3.2. Body or matter in material plane

2.3.3. Sensation

2.4. Air

2.4.1. Gas

2.4.2. Intellect

2.4.3. Intuition

3. Union

3.1. Seperate the earth from fire

3.2. Upper like the lower

3.3. Outer like inner, inner like the outer

3.4. Male and female into one.

4. Philosopher Stone

4.1. Stone as a key

4.2. The image Divides the physical and spiritual realm

4.3. Working on the physical realm while being a spiritual being.

4.4. Existing on the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm

4.5. Consciousness perfected as a stone.

4.6. When this is done, we come into union as a whole. "The One"

5. The One

5.1. All that is and all that is not

5.2. Its everything, every potentiality, every outcome

5.3. The Divine Principle, the prima matter

5.4. The apha and omega

5.5. The beginning and the end of great work

6. The two Opposing Forces

6.1. The Sun and the Moon

6.2. Light and Dark

6.3. Male and Female

6.4. Active and Passive

6.5. High and Low

7. The Process

7.1. Seperate the pure from the impure

7.2. The subtle from the gross

7.3. When done properly and in sufficient repetition it can come together as perfected as one.

7.4. The Hermaphrodite.