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Health Care by Mind Map: Health Care

1. Primary Health Care

1.1. Family Medicine

1.1.1. Basic Doctor visits (out patient care)

1.2. Internal Medicine

1.2.1. Specialist Doctors (in patient care)

1.3. OB/GYN Female Medicine

1.3.1. Specialists in female health

2. Emergency Care

2.1. Health (ER Visits/ Surgeries)

2.2. Emergency Dental Procedures/ Surgeries

2.3. Both

2.3.1. Basic Plans do not cover, and if there no coverage then immediate debt because the procedures are needed

3. Dental Care

3.1. Regular Check ups

3.1.1. Up until a certain point we need reminders to get better with dental/ need check ups on our wisdom teeth growth

3.2. Dental Surgery

3.2.1. Cavities, chipped teeth, improper growth, wisdom teeth and etc. all happen. They are not cheap and even if you have coverage, chances are you are going to have to pay a lot out of pocket

3.3. Braces/Teeth pulled for proper growth

3.3.1. Although not needed, if not done can cause improper growth and pain. Usually not covered with plans.

4. Access (By Class)

4.1. Upper Class (Rich)

4.1.1. Coverage - Above and beyond. No worries at all and in some cases get benefits that are not needed, and pay for procedures that are not needed

4.2. Middle Class (families with Coverage)

4.2.1. Coverage - Basic. Check ups and some procedure will be covered but most of the time a lot of out of pocket is needed, Easy to get caught up in debt

4.3. Lower Class (Poor/Disability No Coverage)

4.3.1. Coverage - None. Have to use free clinics. They are not actually free and can cost thousands. Care is poor and can cause in a need for another surgery also does not include medicine.

4.4. Homeless (No Coverage)