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Ferret Forum Video by Mind Map: Ferret Forum Video

1. Introduction

1.1. This video is about the basics on caring for a new ferret

2. Feeding

2.1. Ferrets eat an all protein diet

2.2. They should have food available to them throughout the day

2.3. Avoid high carb scraps and treats because they can develop diabetes

3. Bathing

3.1. Ferrets can be stinky, but bathing can make it worse

3.2. They should only be bathed once a month at most

3.3. Use ferret perfumes and other products to control odor

4. Housing

4.1. Multi level tier homes should be used for space

4.2. Odor free bedding and a litter box is important

4.3. Love sleeping in hammocks and tubes

4.4. Can be let loose in the house with no problems

5. Companionship

5.1. Ferrets are very social

5.2. At least two ferrets are recommended, can get along with both dogs and cats

5.3. Not the best option for children

6. Litter Training

6.1. Ferrets like to relieve themselves in corners

6.2. Can be easily litter trained

6.3. Buy a litter box with a high back so they can back into the corner

7. Playtime

7.1. Ferrets love to play and can be very mischievous when playing

7.2. When they are having a lot of fun, they look like they are having a seizure, this is normal

7.3. Should provide at least an hour of playtime a day