Contingency Plans

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Contingency Plans by Mind Map: Contingency Plans

1. If James is Unavailable to Film

1.1. Choose a different day to film.

1.2. Change the time of the filming.

1.2.1. Make sure that I am available for the new filming time too Cancel or reschedule other plans so I am available to film.

1.3. Record at the locations close to him if he is only available for a short period of time.

2. Bad Weather

2.1. Choose a different day to film.

2.1.1. Make sure James is still available for new day and time of filming.

2.2. Shuffle around the order of locations that are due to be filmed.

2.2.1. Order it so that any scene filmed inside are prioritised.

2.3. Prioritise the recording of the track.

2.3.1. Inside the recording studio. Record recording scene at the same time.

2.4. Look at the exact times that the weather is supposed to be bad.

2.4.1. Avoid these times and film around them.

2.5. Take things that will protect equipment so that the filming can still happen.

2.5.1. Take weather proof clothing so that James' outfit is protected when not filming . This will stop the continuity of the music video from being disrupted.

3. Disappearance of Light Tunnel

3.1. Light tunnel is only going to be by The Forum over a certain period of time.

3.1.1. Record the light tunnel scenes first.

4. Recording Studio is Unavailable

4.1. Find and use another recording studio.

4.2. Buy a microphone

4.2.1. Record the audio track ourselves.

4.3. Use the green room studio in college

4.3.1. Make it look like a recording studio through special effects.

4.4. Find and use another room that is simple and has no obvious specific use.

4.4.1. Buy props Fill the room with props to make it look like a recording studio

5. Lack of Time to Film

5.1. Prioritise locations

5.1.1. Film more than necessarily in the prioritised locations to make up for any locations that may have to be disregarded.

5.2. Cut Scenes

5.2.1. Cut the scenes near James' house and on route to the city. Prioritise other locations and the filming of certain scenes. Prioritise the scenes involving the recording studio and some of the scenes around the city.

6. I Am Unavailable to Film

6.1. Reschedule Filming.

6.1.1. Change time to one that is better suited. Check and ensure that James can be present at the new time of filming.

6.2. Cancel or reschedule other plans so that I can film.

6.3. I am unavailable then this may mean that the amount of time available to film is restricted.

6.3.1. Prioritise and cut scenes that are not as important in order to save time.

6.4. Ask James to record track and him playing the guitar himself.

6.4.1. Give James the equipment to do so.

7. Equipment Not Available for Hire

7.1. Ask friends if they are in possession of any of the equipment I need.

7.1.1. Ask to borrow equipment. Use equipment to film.

7.2. Ask family members if they are in possession of any of the equipment I need.

7.2.1. Ask to borrow equipment. Use equipment to film.

7.3. Look to see if I have any equipment that could act as a substitute for the equipment not available.

7.3.1. Use my own equipment.

7.4. Buy equipment to use.

7.5. Go to old photography teacher.

7.5.1. Ask if there are any spare cameras and or tripods that I can use. Borrow equipment from photography department.