Technology ISN'T Killing Friendships

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Technology ISN'T Killing Friendships by Mind Map: Technology ISN'T Killing Friendships

1. Counter Argument: You may say that technology can cause cyber-bullying.

1.1. But technology isn’t the cause of this. If a kid or kids cyberbully it is most likely a problem with the parent’s teaching or problems at home. This is not what technology was made for, cyberbullying is caused by a bad influence.

2. Reason 1: Technology is improving friendships by letting us constantly be able to talk to our friends without them having to be in the room. You can talk to a friend from camp that you wouldn't be able to see for a long time with FaceTime. Or maybe she can call her friend that moved away to China! You can use technology to HELP friendships grow.

2.1. "On a typical weekend, she might FaceTime her three best friends, tag her pals from the soccer team in Instagram videos, and SnapChat her friends from camp." (Tarshis 18) This shows that people can maintain a friendship without the struggle and money of meeting up.

3. Reason 2: Technology actually saves gas and energy by letting their friends play and talk to each other without being driven to another's house or meet-up point. You won't need to interrupt your parents when they're working and can just text, FaceTime, or call each other. Or someone can just send a "Happy Birthday" text to a to a family member who lives far away instead of mailing a letter to them and having them get it days later!

3.1. "You can keep up with your friend who moved to Texas or send a good-luck text to your brother before his soccer game." (Tarshis 18) This shows that you can keep up with friends and give encouragement when you can't reach them in person.

4. Reason 3: Thanks to technology, you can play with your friends in online games without having to share a screen. It is a good way to have fun without needing to be there, it also gives good communication skills because you will be telling your friend where you are in the game or what to do along with good hand-eye coordination which could help with sports or other things later on in life.

4.1. “For example, allowing students to use a computer or tablet teaches them responsibility.” ( This shows that technology can help with responsibility if taught the right way.