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TODO by Mind Map: TODO

1. Python QT

1.1. Lottery checker

1.2. TV remote

1.3. Audio Level meter for Jack

1.4. Oscilloscope form ALSA

2. Stats

2.1. Homeworks

2.2. Project

3. Eurotech Interfaces

3.1. Video

3.2. Battery

3.3. Audio

3.3.1. Harware Design and implementation

3.3.2. Driver under ALSA Module Deployment Fix IRQ issues Interleave ADC 2 and 3

4. Networking

4.1. Mail Server

4.2. AP for Maggie's Desktop

4.3. uPNP streaming

4.3.1. Video stream

4.3.2. Audio stream

4.4. Media Library share

5. Adaptive Filters

5.1. Assignment 3: RLS and Kalman FIlters

5.2. Project: Microphone Array Noise Cancellation

5.2.1. Reverberation Room experiment

5.2.2. Get Transfer Functions for L\R

5.2.3. Articles Application of Adaptive noise Canceling in a noisy reverberant enviroment Speech enhancement by MCRANC A Robust Iterative Energy Based Voice Activity Detector Noise Canceling for Microphone arrays Adaptive Noise Canceling; Widrow

5.2.4. Code Matlab C MHA

6. App Ideas

7. *nix

7.1. Swap Pulse Audio with JACKD

7.1.1. How to start it on PC init instead of pulse

7.1.2. How to stream over bluetooh Nodes in /dev seem to be hidraw0,1 for the adapter no Node for the headset in /dev Node for headset in /sys/class/bluetooth/hci1:11

7.2. Develop a plugin for VIM to parse LaTeX

7.3. QNX

7.4. Fix Deluge Adding Torrents with Spaces

7.5. Process Popup

7.6. Add a plugin to OO to handle synonmys

8. My Blog

8.1. Play around with CSS

8.2. Customize presentation

8.3. Add page for each project listed on tis mind map

8.4. Embed This map in the blog

9. MHA

9.1. Independent Study Proposal

9.2. Benchmark

9.2.1. THD

9.2.2. Latency

9.2.3. Real-time applicability

9.2.4. On the fly parameter modification

9.3. Plugin interface

10. BlackBerry Linux

10.1. barry

10.2. bbtheter

10.3. berry4all

10.4. Sync with Evolution

11. New Idea