Our City Should Host the Olympics

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Our City Should Host the Olympics by Mind Map: Our City Should Host the Olympics

1. If the city is really populated, wouldn't that mean that there would be a hard time getting there, moving from place to place, and even driving? Well, I sure think it does. I've been to New York, the number 1 largest city in the US and there is too much traffic. You can't get down the block in 10 minutes!

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4. "7 San Antonio; Texas 2010: 1,327,407 2012: 1,382,951 Growth/ decline: 55,544"(The largest US cities: Cities ranked 1 to 100). San Antonio is the 7th most populated city in the USA and the 2nd most populated city in Texas. A well known city is a good city to host the olympics in and San Antonio is just that.

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6. Counter Argument

7. One of the Most Popular Cities in the USA

8. I think that our city should host the Olympics here because we have the Tower of the Americas which was apart of the world fair in 1968.

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