Everyone Should not Receive a Trophy

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Everyone Should not Receive a Trophy by Mind Map: Everyone Should not Receive a Trophy

1. Everyone should get a trophy so no one would be left out.

1.1. If you didn't win all of your games them you shouldn't get a reward. This would be because the player who did win all their games would they feel like they did all of that for nothing.

2. Teens should not earn a trophy if they did not win. If everyone gets a trophy it would effect the effort that they would put into improving their skills. It would also make winning less special if everyone received a trophy.

2.1. "...doesn't believe trophies are necessary, he does believe they reward effort, not the final outcome," ( Wallace).

3. Children and teens should not get rewarded if they don’t win because then they will think that you can win every time they play a sport.

3.1. “Lucas admits that he didn't exactly earn these trophies…”(Tarshis 26-27).

4. It would be unfair if a person that didn't win got a medal and a person that tried really hard got a medal because then the winner would feel like they did all the work to win for nothing.

4.1. “I’m actually not so good at sports…”(Tarshis 26-27).