Effects of divorce on children/adolescence

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Effects of divorce on children/adolescence by Mind Map: Effects of divorce on children/adolescence

1. Piaget's Cognitive Development

1.1. 3 basic components of this theory

1.1.1. Schemas

1.1.2. Adaptation processes Equilibrium Assimilation Accomodation

1.1.3. Stages of Cognitive Development Sensorimotor Pre-operation Concrete operational Formal operational

2. Erikson's Stages of Development

2.1. 1. Trust Vs. Mistrust

2.2. Autonomy Vs. Shame

2.3. Initiative Vs. Guilt

2.4. Industry Vs. Inferiority

2.5. Identity Vs. Role Confusion

2.6. Intimacy Vs. Isolation

2.7. Generativity Vs. Stagnation

2.8. Ego Integrity Vs. Despair

3. Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Theory

3.1. 5 Systems

3.1.1. Microsystem Closest to the person Parents Home School Friends

3.1.2. Mesosystem Interaction of the child's microsystems Parent - Teacher Friends - Family Friends - Home/School

3.1.3. Exosystem Decisions made that affect the person Parents divorce Parent loses their job

3.1.4. Macrosystem The culture the child resides in Religious beliefs Political systems Economic status

3.1.5. Chronosystem Significant events in the persons life Graduation Marriage Parents divorce