Business Documents Project

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Business Documents Project by Mind Map: Business Documents Project

1. Learn Publisher

1.1. Written Tutorials

1.1.1. Publisher Overview

1.1.2. Creating a Brochure

1.1.3. How to Create a Publication

1.1.4. Creating a Business Card

1.2. Video Tutorials

1.2.1. Creating a Brochure

2. Logo Creation


2.1.1. Modify Photos (Pheonix) How to Crop Understanding Layers How to Color Scanned Line Art

2.1.2. Draw & Paint (Raven) How to Draw in Raven Mrs. Rooks' Logo Sample Move (No Sound)

2.2. Powerpoint

3. Assignment Directions

3.1. Step 1:Find Sample Documents

3.2. Step 2: Create Logos

3.3. Step 3: Create Business Card

3.4. Step 4: Create Letterhead & Envelope

3.5. Step 5: Create Brochure