The Canadian Family

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The Canadian Family by Mind Map: The Canadian Family

1. My family

1.1. Family forms

1.1.1. Nuclear family 1 dad, 1 mom, sister, and a brother

1.2. Functions

1.2.1. Physical maintenance and care of family members, nurturance and love for each other. Production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services.

1.3. Roles

1.3.1. Me Look over sister and brother. Be a good role model. Be mature in front of my sister and brother.

1.3.2. Sister Be mature in front of brother Look over little brother

1.3.3. Brother Learn how to be mature from sister and brother Learn to be responsible Be a good role model

1.3.4. Mom and Dad Make income for family, take care of us, nourish us.

1.4. History

1.4.1. My mom was born in South Korea and my dad was born in San Francisco on August 24, 1989. My mom came from korea to canada for collage and met my dad at her collage I was born on December 12, 2002, my sister, Sarah was born September 17,2004 and my brother, Joshua was born February 16, 2008.

2. Canadian Family

2.1. Family Forms

2.1.1. Nuclear Family Blended Family Lone-Parent Family Consists of 1 dad 1 mom and 1 or more children

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. Physical maintenance and care of members,addition of new members through procreation or adoption, socialization of children for adult roles, social control for children, production, consumption and distribution of goods and serviices and nurturance and love for family members

2.3. Roles

2.3.1. Parents Have to take care of children, Nurture them, make money to support them

2.3.2. Children Learn from parents, make their own money and be mature

2.4. History

2.4.1. 1900s - Agricultural/Victorian Era 1914-1918 world war 1 1930s the great depression

3. First nations and the Maiti

3.1. Family Form

3.1.1. many families are in one tribe families consists of a father, mother, children, and grandparents camp has 1 or more elders/ leaders that run the tribe

3.2. Functions

3.2.1. Physical maintenance and care of members, addition of new member through procreation/adoption, Production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services Nurturance and love

3.3. Roles

3.3.1. leaders run the tribe, the men hunt for food, the women make clothing, prepare food and watch over the children

3.4. Reason's for change

3.4.1. Canadian's put first nations and Maiti people into schools to teach them that there culture is wrong and so they taut them about Christianity and how to speak english.