Buddha's Brain - Rick Hanson - Big Ideas

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Buddha's Brain - Rick Hanson - Big Ideas by Mind Map: Buddha's Brain - Rick Hanson - Big Ideas

1. Managing the Nervous System for peak performance

1.1. We need an optimum level of stress for peak Performance

1.1.1. That can be attained through managing the PNS and SNS

1.2. What to do if you are underperforming because of too little stress?

1.2.1. Activate your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) For a short duration

1.2.2. Use rituals like Athletes do Physical Movement Using words Body Language

1.2.3. Intensify your motivation Why are you doing this?

1.3. What to do if you are underperforming because of too much stress

1.3.1. Because Sympathetic Nervous Systems (SNS) is hyper activated

1.3.2. Activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)

1.3.3. PNS activation is needed for relaxation Breathing Pattern In to the count of 4 Out to the count of 8 Activates the PNS

1.4. Performing Under Pressure

1.5. Upside of Stress

1.6. Relaxation Response

2. Hardwiring for the Positive

2.1. Bring awareness to it

2.2. Experience it fully

2.3. In your mind - Make it last as long as possible. The longer the better

2.3.1. even 20 seconds+

2.4. Let it change your physiology and emotions

2.5. Make it more intense

2.5.1. Enrich it

2.5.2. NLP

2.6. Over time, as you dwell your attention on the +ve, it will change the structure of your brain

2.7. Emotions will change your brain - whether positively or negatively is up to

2.7.1. where you direct your attention

2.8. Awaken the Giant Within

2.8.1. Unleash the Power Within

2.8.2. Date with Destiny

2.9. Psycho Cybernetics

3. How to Reduce the cellular damage of chronic stress

3.1. Diaphragm breathing

3.1.1. You should be able to see/feel your belly move

3.2. Long exhalations

3.2.1. Inhaling Activates Sympathetic Nervous System Makes the heart beat faster

3.2.2. Exhaling Activates Parasympathetic Nervous System Slows down the heart rate

3.3. Meditation

3.3.1. My recommendation: 10 day free meditation course at: http://www.dhamma.org

4. How to physically change your brain for maximum success

4.1. Self Directed Neuroplasticity

4.2. Our Mind/Thoughts ->

4.2.1. Change the Brain/neuronal wiring -> Which changes our thoughts

4.3. Our experiences change the structure of the brain

4.3.1. We need to train our attention to focus on the right experiences

4.4. The more we repeat our thoughts (with emotions) - the more we rewire our brain

4.4.1. Learn to Train your attention on what you want Meditation is the key

4.5. Ref: The mind and the brain by Jeffrey Schwartz

4.6. Ref: Train your mind - Change your brain

5. Get Buddha's Brain here:

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7. Default behavior of the brain

7.1. It will take in the negativity and dwell on it

7.2. It is programmed to help us survive

7.2.1. And run away from anything that threatens us

7.2.2. So it keeps a record of every possible negative situation

7.2.3. So that it can avoid it in the future

7.3. Does not dwell on the positive/good at all

7.3.1. only worried about survival