Apps and Web 2.0

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Apps and Web 2.0 by Mind Map: Apps and Web 2.0

1. Web 2.0 Tools

1.1. Content

1.1.1. Grammarly As you type, grammarly checks your spelling and grammar. Link:

1.1.2. Socrative Helps users create and quiz themselves and others through games. Link:

1.1.3. Hudl Hudl allows players and coaches to share film and create profiles and highlight films. Link:

1.1.4. Eye- Free Watch Allows users to film athletes and keeps time while the coach can watch athletes. Link:

1.2. Communication

1.2.1. Facebook Allows users to upload videos, pictures, and status to share with one another. Link:

1.2.2. Twitter Allows users to tweet small updates and pictures to communicate with others. Link:

1.2.3. Blogs Allows users to share stories and information to communicate with others.

1.3. Organization

1.3.1. Wiki's Allows users to create and share information and content. Link:

1.3.2. Google Classroom Allows users to create different classes and share and organize information in the classes. Link:

1.3.3. Allows users to create and quiz themselves and other using flashcards and tables.

1.3.4. Quizlet Link:

2. Apps

2.1. Content

2.1.1. Weather Channel Allows people/coaches to track weather Link:

2.1.2. Nike Run Allows runners to track miles and times Link:

2.1.3. Flipboard Allows readers to personalize their news outlets and get the latest news. Link:

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Instagram Allows users to share pictures and videos Link:

2.2.2. GroupMe Allows users to create various groups based on participants.

2.2.3. Youtube Allows users to upload videos and watch and comment on others additions. Link:

2.3. Organization

2.3.1. Mindmeister Allows users to organize topics into mindmaps. Link:

2.3.2. Meeting pad Allows users to organize notes, make to-do lists and capture attendants. Link:

2.3.3. Evernote Allows users to take notes and make to- do lists, etc. so you never forget anything. Link:

2.3.4. Dropbox Allows users to upload assignments to keep topics organized. Link: