Environment (melting of poles)

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Environment (melting of poles) by Mind Map: Environment (melting of poles)

1. cause

1.1. Pollution of man

1.1.1. Air pollution leads to increased greenhouse gases and acid rain. Making publicity campaigns that help the entire population to reconsider.

2. cause

2.1. ozone layer deterioration

2.1.1. Allows the passage of rays of sun that melt the poles and causes cancer. Avoiding burning of trees, alejandro factories in urban areas.

3. cause

3.1. burning of fossil fuels

3.1.1. Contributes to the accumulation of gases main factor of the climate change Reduce pollution through possible means such as caring for trees and the environment.

4. cause

4.1. Increase in global warming

4.1.1. Hurricanes, droughts among other natural disasters Reduce the pollution of man in different areas as recycling and avoiding the burning of forests and garbage.

5. cause

5.1. greenhouse gases

5.1.1. Temperature rise leads to global warming Reduce the use of machines and factories that damage the environment.