Everyone should get a trophy

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Everyone should get a trophy by Mind Map: Everyone should get a trophy

1. It boosts self esteem for the kids who lost.

1.1. They can motivate kids that are un-athletic to start sports, and ultimately boost their self esteem and encourage them to develop a love for a sport. (ASP)

1.2. Kids love it when they get attention, and by receiving a participation trophy, it helps them feel apprecciated and attended to.

2. It saves a lot of crying and meltdowns.

2.1. Parents have noticed an increase in calmness after a tough or loss-filled season, and it's because of the participation trophy and their team combined. (ASP)

2.2. Even I as a person almost cried when I was four and didn't win the soccer tournament, but I thought my participation trophy was so cool, and it saved me from a tantrum.

3. It decreases the bad competition and shows that effort and sportsmanship matter.

3.1. Sometimes parents will complain to the league about the escalating competition in the sport, because it makes their kids feel scared, and they may not perform as well, but participation trophies show that effort and sportsmanship are truly valued.

3.2. "Despite the fact that he would play on many teams and win other awards, he never discarded those early participation trophies. He's off to college now but they still sit on his shelf, as a fond memory of a team that showed up, played hard and — if I recall right — lost every game." (Levey Friedman)

4. It can make people feel patronized.

4.1. People are always getting upset from participation trophies because they feel like the people are just giving them trophies to feel better. It can get very frustrating for the adults and the parents.

4.2. Studies have shown that rewarding kids just for participating can have a negative impact, producing a self-obsessed, irresponsible, and unmotivated generation of false achievers. (Men's Journal)