The FiNile Solution (case study)

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The FiNile Solution (case study) by Mind Map: The FiNile Solution (case study)

1. Climate Change

2. Water Quality

3. Water Access

4. Land Loss

5. Population

6. Political

7. Economical

8. social

9. Rainfall in African countries benefits Egypt

10. If there is a high % of the water access there is more chance that the agricultural industry grows.

11. Employment Urban and rural division

12. Water Sources like 55.5% share of the nile, 7.5 % ground water in delta, 5.2% reuse of agricultural water, 1.3% reuse of sewage water, 0.95% rain & floods and lastly, 0.6% desalination of sea water

13. food & water sufficiency or misusage of both

14. pollution

15. increasing density

16. coastal land decreasing

17. air pollution

18. production decreasing

19. agricultural land decrease

20. density

21. tourism decrease

22. death rate inreasing

23. lack of education

24. birth rate increases

25. trade

26. export

27. standard of living

28. water increasing as the country's income increases

29. temperature is very important as many of the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of water are affected by temperature.

30. x

31. when the sea level rises, death rate increases as the water drowns the land

32. water pollution: the irrigation water now becomes dirty and full of microbes in which affect the water, individuals and plants using it. this will result in 1. high death rate, 2. lack of production 3. prices increasing

33. there are 3 stages which explains what happens to areas near the Nile Delta, very high, high and medium risk of changing from rural to urban.

34. Urbanization rate increase by time

35. loss of agricultural land

36. production decreases

37. economical difficulties due to agricultural problems