Universal Views of Islamic Civilization

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Universal Views of Islamic Civilization by Mind Map: Universal Views of Islamic Civilization

1. Concept of God

1.1. Believe in Allah

1.2. Allah is the creator and the owner of the Universe

1.3. Everything belongs to Allah

2. Concept of Humanity

2.1. Humans have responsibility and obligations

2.2. Humans are trusted to manage the world

2.3. Humans do not have absolute powers

2.4. Humans must obey Allah's rule

2.5. All Humans are from Allah and belong to Allah

3. Concept of Nature

3.1. Allah create and own Universe

3.2. Allah is aware about what we do

3.3. Allah knows the unseen universe

3.4. All creation is the sign of Allah

4. Al-Quran

4.1. Content basic principle/knowledge of Islam

4.2. Covers All knowledge

4.3. example: the creation of human being

5. Al-Hadith/As-Sunnah

5.1. Act, word, declaration from the prophet Muhammad

5.2. The prophet Muhammad's way of life

5.3. example: no blowing drinking water

6. Al-Ijtihad

6.1. Finding knowledge by human intellegence by referring to Al-Quran

7. Other Civilization

7.1. Adapting knowledge from other civilization which is in line with Quran and Sunnah

8. Sources of Islam