Moodle LMS Implementation

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Moodle LMS Implementation by Mind Map: Moodle LMS Implementation

1. 3. LMS Consultancy

1.1. Answer queries regarding the use of Moodle LMS

1.2. Answer queries on administrative and technical use of Moodle LMS

1.3. Ask advise on how to implement Moodle based on their current setting

2. 4. Moodle Mobile Development

2.1. Develop Moodle Mobile App in accordance to the school's web-based LMS

2.2. Support for the developed Moodle Mobile App

3. 5. LMS Support

3.1. Moodle LMS Upgrade

3.2. Plugin installation

3.3. Regular system backup

4. 6. Moodle Certified Course Creator (MCCC)

4.1. Offer a training course for teachers

4.2. Assist them on how to take MCCC

5. 7.

6. 2. LMS Training and Workshop

6.1. Train the educators on how to use Moodle LMS

6.2. Build self-paced courses

6.3. Develop online courses and assessments

6.4. Collaborate with peers to test the courses they developed

6.5. Evaluate the developed courses among peers

7. 1. LMS Infrastructure Setup

7.1. Build LMS Infrastructure

7.1.1. On-premises Large Initial Purchases Install and configure Physical space, cooling power, cost of power Cabling, networking, racks, servers, storage Labor, certification

7.1.2. LMS Hosting (Cloud-based) No upfront investment Order required resources Immediate access Go! Fast, on-demand provisioning