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spring break!(: by Mind Map: spring break!(:


2. saturday 12

2.1. This day was pretty borring We did nothingjust walk with the puppies.

3. Thrusday 17

3.1. Me and my family went to chuck e chesse!! to fun!!

4. Friday 18

4.1. Me and my family went to center and we'regoing to the Mirrors Maze, Repley's and Repley's Moving Theater. After that we're going to River Center mall and then we're going to Golden Corral.

5. sunday 13

5.1. my cousin's birthday sweet 14(:

6. monday 14

6.1. we went to the mall after that we went to whataburger! (yum yum yum)with my aunt, uncle and cousins.

7. wednesday 16

7.1. we're went to run hehehhe 7:00 am

8. tuesday 15

8.1. I was on monday with my uncles and this day We're went to the brackenrige park all day. (funny)