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Character Building by Mind Map: Character Building
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Character Building

Character building aims at introducing young people to appropriate mentors and accurate ideology training through youth work and eductation. I chose this as my base as i believe it incoporates elements that are at the core of why i chose to become a youth worker.


A house or a home provides a person with shelter. Shelter is a key element in keeping healthy, physically, mentally and socially. The availability of housing and public housing is dependent on the government of the day. The UN states under its human rights charter that every person has the right to shelter, but under the current government housing system some people can wait up to 10 years to gain a home .


  – Today’s working world young people are often exploited by business owners as a way of employing capable workers at smaller costs, providing large profits. MacDonald’s is a prime example. Outside of the fast food chains and hospitality jobs, young people are struggling to find appropriate and fair employment. Incorporating university study or high school and work is almost impossible in today’s market place. A youth workers role of providing connections within the community to find employment and also further education so that in the future the young person will be able to find employment is critical.  

Social Class

Historically social class has controlled the way we are perceived within society and possibly our families and relationships. Over time the reduction of the class system in Australia has seen a reduction in bias and discrimination, however this does not mean it has disappeared. Belonging to the upper end of society brings with it the availability of services and the affordability to frequent those which are needed. Conversely someone who was born out of the poorer end will struggle to meet the requirements they not only want but essentially need to survive.


The family is typically the primary and most important connection a person has within the world around them. The conditions of the family can have a major influence on a person’s overall development and status within a community. The breakdown of the family unit can have a major influence over the development of an adolescent and continue on through their adult life.


  Everything in this world seems to be connected with the desire for or need for money. Wars, religions, and relationships are all linked to it. And so is youth work. A young person suffers from the desire to strive to gain it and the sector strives to recieve funding from the government of the times. Enabling young people to feel removed from it, being happy and responsible with whatever the income they derive is key to allowing for a young person to continue of their journey without added stress and pressure.  


Education is the building blocks upon which all our decisions and knowledge arise. Access to it over the years has developed and divided the gap between the rich and the poor. With the current funding for public education being matched by funding to private education, allowing for those privileged few to be placed in advanced learning environments strengthening the stranglehold the ruling social class has over society. Today’s youth worker has to be able to be flexible and encouraging to provide a platform to enable the young people to remain within the education system that is best suited to their learning needs.


The Medias influence over young people and society as a whole should not be overlooked or underrated. With the increasing access to the internet and television, the social media has the ability to not only over through governments but also increase bullying, sexual deviancy, as well the increased presence of body image not only in females but also in males. The young person’s ability to see change through media in particular social media, the ever increasing aspect of control in a young person’s life has seen a distancing from the traditional forms of education and development. Finding the right balance for a young person has become a important aspect of today’s youth worker.


The government is the key figure in shaping the way we as youth workers are able to conduct our service. Having the ability to control every major aspect of society from education, hospitals, to the economy we are at the mercy of the political system to supply the youth sector with the funds it needs to provide the service so many of today’s young people need. This does ultimately affect a young person’s life well before he or she comes to the aid of a youth worker. Government’s decisions regarding education, as well as employment and social support will decide a young person’s future before they do.


To each country, religion, association and so on, culture is essential to allow the continuation of those beliefs. For many places around the world, conflict has caused some displacement, from this people have fled around the world spreading their culture. And those that have come to these shores in some instances have been persecuted and discriminated because of this. Teaching tolerance, fairness and understanding to today’s young person allows for all of these cultures to be treated respectfully.


  Ever since the female rights movement of the 60’s and 70’s there has been a preconceived notion of equal rights within the community. This isn’t so. Even today females are discriminated against in a range of fields none more so prevalent than within the employment. Additionaly the male population is increasing suffering from pressures from home and society to be the bread winner and the stable and reliable presence in the home, today a large number of men have succumbed to suicides and depression as a result. Bridging these gaps in society and prevent future generations from these struggles through education and knowledge is an essential element in what a youth worker does.